Pierre Péju

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Pierre Péju at the 24th Festival du Livre de Mouans-Sartoux , 2011.

Pierre Péju (* 1946 ) is a French novelist .

Pierre Péju comes from a French bookseller family from Lyon , initially studied philosophy at the Sorbonne and was a philosophy teacher at the Lycée international Stendhal in Grenoble and program manager at the Collège international de philosophie in Paris . In May 1968 he took an active part in the student demonstrations. He has worked for various newspapers and is the author of novels , essays , reports and fairy tales . Among other things, he is also responsible for the editions of German romantic works in the publishing house éditions José Corti .

In addition, Péju wrote biographies on various romantic poets, such as B. to Adelbert von Chamisso, ETA Hoffmann, Ludwig Tieck and Bonaventura.

List of works

  • Vitesses pour traverser les jours, Lettres Nouvelles Maurice Nadeau, 1980
  • Premiers personnages du singulier Robert Laffont 1984
  • La part du sphinx, Robert Laffont 1987
  • La vie courante, Maurice Nadeau 1996 (Prix «Autres» 1996)
  • Naissances (Births) Editions Gallimard (1998)
  • La tentation de la mappemonde Editions Le Verbe et l'Empreinte 2003
  • The little Carthusian woman, Roman. Published in 2002 under the title La Petite Chartreuse by Gallimard in Paris. German edition at Piper Verlag GmbH in Munich 2005, translation by Elsbeth Ranke
  • Now sleep blissfully and sweetly, Roman. Published in 2005 under the title Le rire de l'ogre by Éditions Gallimard in Paris. German edition at Piper Verlag GmbH in Munich 2007, translation by Elsbeth Ranke
  • La diagonale du vide Editions Gallimard 2009