Pee town

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Musical dates
Title: Pee town
Original title: Urine town
Original language: English
Music: Mark Hollman
Book: Mark Hollman
Greg Kotis
Lyrics: Greg Kotis
Premiere: April 1, 2001
Place of premiere: American Theater of Actors, New York City
Place and time of the action: in the future
Roles / people
  • Sergeant Kloppstock
  • Little Erna
  • Jonny Stark
  • Freya of added value
  • Become more of added value
  • Elfriede Fennichfux
  • Sergeant Wampe
  • Mr Kaiser
  • MPs lube
  • Old Stark
  • Johanna Stark
  • Sharpening stone Willi
  • Soup sauce
  • The tight Knuth
  • The bad gretchen
  • Robbi the Stockfish
  • Mme. Millenium
  • Dr. Pure Reibach
  • Hans-Heiner Heinz
  • From his secretary

Pinkelstadt (English original title: Urinetown ) is a musical . Music and lyrics are by Mark Hollman , the book and other lyrics were written by Greg Kotis . The world premiere took place on April 1, 2001 at the American Theater of Actors (Chernuchin Theater), an off-Broadway stage. The play then moved to the Henry Miller's Theater , where the official premiere took place on September 20, 2001 (the theater has 950 seats, making it one of the smallest Broadway stages). With 965 performances, Pinkelstadt ran until January 18, 2004 for more than two years. The musical thus had the longest running time in the history of this theater. Pinkelstadt won three Tony Awards , including for the best original music.

The German-language premiere was on October 7, 2004 in the Schlossparktheater , Berlin . The German lyrics are from Wolfgang Adenberg , the German dialogues from Ruth Deny.

The first English-language production in Europe took place in February 2006 at the Kelley Theater , Stuttgart-Möhringen . The production took first place at the European Tournament of Plays a record twelve times in a row .


Sometime in the future after a bad drought. However, in order to prevent such scenarios in the near future, private toilets are prohibited and the only legal ones from the operator GmbHarn & Klo KG are very expensive. Anyone who simply goes into the bushes will be banished to Pinkelstadt - a legendary place from which no one returns. But a group of insurgents is resisting these conditions. They will succeed in regaining their right to leave freely.


The premiere was originally planned for September 13, 2001, but had to be postponed due to the events of September 11 .

With the German-language premiere, the Schlossparktheater in Berlin was reopened years later.

The songs

1st act
Urine town Officer Lockstock and Company
It's a privilege to pee Penelope Pennywise and The Poor
It's a Privilege to Pee (Reprise) Officer Lockstock and The Poor
Mr. Cladwell Caldwell B. Cladwell, Mr. McQueen, Hope Cladwell and UGC Staff
Cop song Officer Lockstock, Officer Barrel and The Cops
Follow your heart Hope Cladwell and Bobby Strong
Look at the sky Bobby Strong and The Poor
Don't be the bunny Caldwell B. Cladwell and UGC Staff
Act 1 finale ensemble
2nd act
What is Urinetown? ensemble
Snuff That Girl Hot Blades Harry, Little Becky Two Shoes and The Rebel Poor
Run Freedom Run Bobby Strong and The Poor
Follow Your Heart (Reprise) Hope Cladwell
Why Did I Listen to That Man? Penelope Pennywise, Senator Fipp, Officer Lockstock, Officer Barrel, Hope Cladwell and Bobby Strong
Tell Her I Love Her Little Sally and Bobby Strong
We're not sorry The rich and the poor
We're Not Sorry (Reprise) Caldwell B. Cladwell and Penelope Pennywise
I see a river Hope Cladwell and Ensemble


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