Pointe des Almadies

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The Pointe des Almadies is the westernmost point of Africa and is located in the capital of Senegal in Dakar on Cap Vert .

Pointe des Almadies - Senegal

Location and description

Adjacent to the districts of Ngor and Yoff , the Pointe des Almadies is about five kilometers away from the former Dakar-Léopold Sédar Senghor airport . The location is on the grounds of the Hotel des Almadies in the immediate vicinity of the US Embassy .


Signpost at the Pointe des Almadies

The Cap-Vert Peninsula , on which the Pointe des Almadies is located, is of volcanic origin and consists of basalt rock. The twin hills Les Mamelles are in the immediate vicinity . These former volcanoes stand out clearly from the otherwise flat coastal landscape and dominate the landscape. The north and south equatorial currents of the Atlantic meet directly at the Pointe des Almadies .

Pointe des Almadies

Reference point for determining the maritime border

The Pointe des Almadies played an important role in determining the sea border between Guinea and Guinea-Bissau . In a ruling from 1985 it was determined that the maritime borders of both states should follow a perpendicular to the line connecting the Pointe des Almadies and Cape Shilling , a promontory in Sierra Leone near the Banana Islands .


The peninsula at the Pointe des Almadies was one of the filming locations for the film The Endless Summer , which is about surfing , in 1964 .

The adjacent beaches are still popular meeting places for surfers from all over the world. The season begins here with the beginning of the dry season in November and ends in May.

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