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In Switzerland , the police are divided into the Federal Office of Police , the cantonal police and the city ​​/ communal police .

Police sovereignty

Police sovereignty lies with the cantons , but in some cases they have delegated some of their tasks to city or community police . The Federal Criminal Police does not have its own uniformed bodies. Only the cantons and some municipalities have their own police force. In certain cantons, the canton police include the maritime police, the airport police or the Police de la Sécurité Internationale (Geneva), which is responsible for diplomatic institutions.

Police officer training takes place at one of the Swiss police schools .

The general emergency number for the police in Switzerland is 117. If you dial the European emergency number 112, you will automatically be connected to the operations center of the responsible cantonal police.

Federal Office for Police

In the area of ​​internal security in Switzerland, the Federal Office of Police (fedpol) serves its cantonal and international partners as a center for information, coordination and analysis, the federal intelligence service . Its activities include, on the one hand, preventive tasks such as preventive state security and security measures to protect endangered people and objects. On the other hand, the office also performs tasks in the context of law enforcement, especially in the fight against organized crime . In addition to coordinating investigative proceedings, Fedpol itself investigates the areas of narcotics trafficking, including its financing, as well as counterfeit money, and runs the Money Laundering Report Office Switzerland (MROS). Since 2002, fedpol has also been conducting its own investigations under the direction of the Federal Prosecutor in cases of serious crime (organized crime, money laundering , corruption , terrorism ).

Other police areas

The control of the movement of people and goods at the border crossings, in international trains and at the national border is the responsibility of the Grenzwachtkorps , the uniformed part of the customs administration of the Federal Finance Department.

In addition, based on the Railway Police Act, there is the SBB Police Corps , the Swiss Railway Police , which has been organizationally delegated to a subsidiary controlled by the majority of the SBB.

Within the Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) in the field of defense, the military police is the organization that carries out police tasks within the Swiss Armed Forces as well as individual tasks at the federal level.



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