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View of the UN buffer zone in Cyprus between Paralimni and Famagusta . The “ghost town” of Varosia is visible in the background

The buffer zone is a zone between conflicting parties or opposing user interests in order to achieve a distance . It is also a demilitarized area between two or more conflicting parties in order to avoid armed conflicts. This area controls a neutral party accepted by the conflicting parties. Examples are the end of the military conflict in the Kosovo conflict and the Cyprus-Turkish conflict since 1974. The UN set up a demilitarized buffer zone between central Serbia and theKosovo and between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus .

The term is used synonymously with a demilitarized area in other fields . A strip of land with resilient and fast-growing plants along the edge of the desert is intended to prevent further penetration of a desert. A wind protection belt against soil erosion has a similar function in agriculture . In biotope protection , in addition to biotope networking and visitor control , buffer zones are also set up between the effectively protected core zones and adjacent uses in order to minimize harmful edge effects .
In geographic information systems , buffer zones are used as computationally determined strips of area in order to be able to model the zone of influence of a phenomenon or an effective variable.

The UNESCO provides concrete buffer zones around the taken from her protected World Heritage sites established.

In all of these cases, it is a region that acts as a "buffer".

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