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Zone (abbreviations: Z, Z .; from Greek ζώνη zōnē "belt") means something like area , area and section . In general, it is understood to mean an outward-facing part of a whole that can be perceived from outside, whereby a zone differs from its surroundings (neighboring zones) according to a certain criterion. The division into zones is called zoning.


Zone is a central term in regional geography and describes regions or areas that extend in stages over or between other regions or over the entire globe.

Example: time zone


Central terms are the climatic zone as a climatic unit. Further examples:

As a " landscape zones " you can admire the vegetation zones , Zonobiome and ecozones call, which are used in organic life and earth sciences.

Military zones

Political terms

  • GMO-free zone
  • Eurozone
  • National Liberated Zone (Unword of the year 2000)
  • Zone , Eastern Zone or Soviet Zone : A derogatory term for the German Democratic Republic (GDR) that emerged from the Soviet Occupation Zone . By using these terms instead of the official name of the state, one could express, among other things, that the GDR, according to the official West German policy of the 1950s and 1960s, was not recognized as a state. Within the GDR, the use of the term expressed an attitude hostile to the regime.

Urban district

“La zone” describes the ghettos that were built around 1950 in the undeveloped suburbs of Paris and are mainly inhabited by immigrants. They came into being when, in addition to French provincials, North Africans, Italians and Portuguese came to France to work in the construction industry. Despite their salaries, many could not find apartments and therefore had to live in tents, barracks, in dirt, without running water or heating. Some of the “zones” still exist before Paris, but the reason today is more the poverty of the immigrants, who, especially when they come illegally from Africa, have little chance of normal work.

Spatial planning


Road traffic

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Physics and technology

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