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Silted up old Rhine in the Kühkopf-Knoblochsaue nature reserve , 2005
In the foreground: spawning herbs, behind: reeds with cattails

As silting the natural replenishment of standing inland waters is designated as organic material. The silting is in contrast to the landing , in which the filling takes place by means of predominantly inorganic material transported from the outside. In water management, the entry of mineral substances is sometimes referred to as "siltation".

The silting up leads over a longer period of time to a reduction in the free water surface of bodies of water due to the growth of aquatic and marsh plants ( reed plants ) . It usually takes place in the intermediate stage of flat moor formation and is promoted by the alluvial surface of sand and silt , so that landings and silting complement each other.

Siltation zones

Floating leaf zone with the white water lily
Lac de Lispach ( Vosges ): Formation of an upland moorland

Nutrient-rich ( eutrophic ) lakes in the north temperate latitudes have (simplified) following zoning to: dip sheet belt ( pondweeds ), floating-leaf zone ( water lily ), reeds (reed), sedge Ried (Carex stricta) Erlenbruchwald . The alder quarry forest is considered the final stage of silting up. This sequence can also be viewed as a succession series , which, however, can only rarely be observed undisturbed.

Silted up bogs can also arise from dystrophic (lime-poor and humus-rich) still waters .


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