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Rem stands for:

  • a keyword for comments in some programming languages ​​(from English remark , remark '), see comment (programming)
  • Rem (unit) , an outdated physical unit of measurement for radiation dose (from English Roentgen equivalent in man )
  • Rem (radio broadcast) , a radio broadcast about computer technology on Radio DDR II
  • (3739) Rem , an asteroid named after the Russian physicist Rem Wiktorowitsch Chochlow
  • Rem, the North Frisian name of Rømø , Danish North Sea island

Rem is a family name for the following people:

  • Jakob Rem (1546–1618), Austrian Catholic priest and youth minister
  • Lucas Rem (1481–1541), Augsburg merchant, known for his diary
  • Wilhelm Rem (1462–1529), Augsburg chronicler

Rem is the first name of:

Rém stands for:

  • Rém , a place in Hungary

REM stands for:

REM or rem as an abbreviation stands for:

See also:

  • REM , an American alternative rock band
  • Rehm

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