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This graffito in the Herodian Quarter in Jerusalem enabled Rachel Hachlili to reconstruct the appearance of the menorah in the Second Temple.

Rachel Hachlili , (רחל חכלילי other transcriptions: Rachel Chachlili , Rāḥēl Ḥa̱klîlî ) is an Israeli Classical Archaeologist. From 1984 until her retirement she held a professorship at Haifa University (Zinman Institute of Archeology). Her academic work focuses on ancient synagogues and Jewish symbols.

Hachlili studied archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PhD 1971) and was a student of Michael Avi-Yonah , whose assistant she was in the last years of his life. Avi-Yonah's approach to art history shaped Hachlili's research. She wrote her doctoral thesis on Sacred Architecture and Decoration in the Hellenistic-Roman East .

Hachlili led the rescue excavations in the Jewish necropolis of Jericho ( 1975-1988 ) and the investigation of the synagogue of Qaṣrin in the Golan, the latter together with Zvi Ma'oz and Ann E. Killebrew. Together with Killebrew, she examined Qazion (1992-1997), a cultic center located in the north on the border between Phenicia and Galilee .

As a student, Hachlili had worked at the Jewish Museum New York for three years (1966–1968) . She was co-curator of various exhibitions at the Israel Museum Jerusalem and developed the permanent exhibition (as well as various special exhibitions) at the Hecht Museum in Haifa.

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