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Railway Empire is a Tycoon - simulation game , which take place on January 26, 2018 PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PC and Linux has been released. The game was developed by Gaming Minds Studios and produced by Kalypso Media .

Game principle and technology

The game takes place in the United States from 1830 to 1930. In Railway Empire the player can build a large network of railway lines and buy various locomotives . The game has several game modes such as campaign mode, scenario mode, free mode and sandbox mode.

Production notes

Eight download extensions have been released for the game so far . They expand the main game, which focuses on the USA, to include other regions of the world in which the industrial revolution and the railroad had an influence on their development, as well as time and region-specific train models.

Original DLC title Approved region New locomotives
Mexico June 8, 2018 Mexico Fairlie (0-6-6-0) and Stirling (4-2-2)
The Great Lakes 17th August 2018 Canada Achilles (0-4-0) and Canadian (2-8-0)
Crossing the Andes 19th October 2018 South America Kitson-Meyer (0-8-6-0) and Garratt (2-6-0-0-6-2)
Great Britain & Ireland December 14, 2018 Great Britain and Ireland Ten new locomotives including Rocket (0-2-2) and Firefly (0-2-0)
Germany 1st March 2019 Germany Ten new locomotives, including Adler (2-2-2) and Rhein (2-4-0)
France May 24, 2019 France Ten new locomotives, including Coupe Vent (4-4-0) and Forquenot (2-4-2)
Northern Europe 16th December 2019 Scandinavia Three new locomotives: Odin (2-2-2), Prins August (2-4-0) and SJB II (4-6-0)
Down under May 8, 2020 Australia Three new locomotives: Heisler (0-8-0), C30 (4-6-0) and Class S (4-6-2)


publication Rating
4players 73
Computer picture games 1.9 ("good")
GameStar 83
PC Games 70%
Metacritic 74

Railway Empire received rather positive reviews. The Metacritic review database aggregates 20 reviews with an average value of 74. The German online magazine 4Players praised the game's good accessibility, which initially presented the player with complex options for action. Under the surface, however, there is a limited game depth, and there are also minor technical inadequacies in the console versions. All in all, Railway Empire is "solid set-up entertainment with a great deal of model railroad flair". The Gamestar described Railway Empire as a "discreetly old-school game" that shines with many tasks for the player and a well-interlinked economic system, but overall comes across as a bit old-fashioned graphically and playfully. The PC Games raised the graphics, however, out positively and recorded a comfortable operation of the game, but criticized the AI of computer opponents, sometimes as THAT CONDITION cheating and prevent fair games. The magazine noted a lack of multiplayer mode. The Computer Bild Spiele found out that Railway Empire for the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is the first railway management game for these systems. The magazine also noted that the game allowed user-created mods through appropriate interfaces .

Awards and nominations

Railway Empire won two awards and was nominated four times for the "German Developer Award 2018", one of the most important video game awards in German-speaking countries.

  • Winner - Best PC / Console Game
  • Winner - Best Technical Performance
  • Nominated - Best German Game
  • Nominated - Best Graphics

Railway Empire was also nominated for "TOMMI - The German Children's Software Prize 2018".

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