Ratonero Valenciano

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Ratonero Valenciano
Ratonero Valenciano
Not from the FCI recognized
  • Group 3: Terriers
  • Section 1: Tall terriers

Origin :


Alternative names:

Gos Rater Valencià, Ca (de) Rater Valencià

Withers height:

Males 30–40 cm,

ideal 36 cm

Bitches 29-38 cm,

ideal 33 cm

4-8 kg

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The Ratonero Valenciano (or Gos Rater Valencià ) is a Spanish breed of dog . It is recognized by Real Sociedad Canina España (RSCE), which represents Spain in the FCI , but not by the FCI itself. The breed belongs to the high-legged terriers in FCI group 3, section 1 , the breed standard has the RSCE number: 407.

Origin and history

In addition to the Ratonero Valenciano, which is located on the Valencian coast, there is also the much smaller Ratonero Mallorquín in Spain , which occurs in the Balearic Islands, and the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz , which is about the same size, and the Ratonero Vasco , also Villanuco de, based in the Basque Country Called Las Encartaciones .

As early as the 16th century, this dog breed was mentioned in various documents as Canis villaticus or as Gos de l'Horta . Later they were also known as Ratador Valencià , Gos Ratoner Valencià or Rateret .

The Ratonero Valencianos were and are used for rodent hunting. In the past, a specialty in the region around Valencia was the hunt for water rats and two other native rat species. These did not end up in the dogs' stomachs, but in the paellas. In the months of September to February in particular, they were found and hunted down in the canals by the Ratoneros.


The Ratonero Valenciano has a petite but also athletic build with pronounced muscles. Males have a shoulder height of around 40 cm - bitches around 38 cm. Its smooth, close-fitting fur has a maximum length of 2 cm.

The coat colors vary but the most common color is tricolor (black-fire-white), followed by black-fire, but there are also white dogs with black or brown plates. There are also white Ratonero Valencianos with two shades of brown (chocolate-cinnamon) and with a light nose. The latter color version in particular is often confused with Podenco crossbreeds , especially since the Ratoneros Valencianos predominantly have erect ears.

As with the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluces, the rod was shortened to 1/4 of its length until 2018.

In Spain mainly as a hunting dog , it is kept in Central Europe as a companion and family dog . He is lively, intelligent, and very quick to learn.

Individual evidence

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