Religious Education Institute

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A religious education institute is a training institute for the training of teachers for religious instruction .

Other names: Religious Education Center, Pedagogical-Theological Center, Pedagogical-Theological Institute, Office for Religious Education, Religious Pedagogical Office, Pedagogical-Theological Office, Theological-Pedagogical Institute.


Many regional churches in Germany maintain religious education institutes under different names for religious education training, further education and training of teachers and priests, especially with regard to religious education.


In Austria , the Religious Education Institutes (RPI) were responsible for the advanced training of religious teachers until 2007 . There were separate Religious Education Academies (RPA) for the training of religion teachers. Since 2007/08, most of the former RPIs and RPAs in Austria have been run within the framework of universities of teacher education . In addition, or for science and research projects, there are also religious education institutes at universities.


In Switzerland there is a religion Pedagogical Institute (RPI) since August 1 of 2004. It is part of the theological faculty at the University of Lucerne and replaced the Catechetical Institute Lucerne (KIL) founded in 1964. The head of RPI Luzern is Monika Jakobs. Markus Arnold has been the director of studies since 1999.

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