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Remontant rose
Rosa 'La Reine' (syn .: 'Reine des Français')

Rosa 'La Reine' (syn .: 'Reine des Français')

group Remontant rose
origin France
breeder Laffay
Breeding year 1842
List of rose varieties

French remontant in the context of flowers or berries means "to bloom again later in the season".

As a rule, plants have a main flowering period depending on the season. Some plant species are able, for a second time or more to bloom, they reassemble or flowering remontant .

The ability to bloom several times is often deliberately bred in plant cultivation , for example in ornamental plants and berries , in order to enjoy flowers in the garden for a long time or to be able to harvest fruit from a plant for a longer period of time .

Roses with this property are remontant roses , the property is called remontancy .


The term comes from the French remonter = to rise again, to go up again.

Fruit growing

Remontanz is often used, for example, with garden strawberries and raspberries .

Remontant roses

Remontant roses are the link between the old and modern roses, almost all important rose classes were involved in their creation. Many of the " old roses " only bloom once. With the modern roses, the blossoms were extended into autumn. As recent DNA studies have shown, this property was achieved by crossing the Rosa fedtschenkoana . The roses, which were mainly created in the second half of the 19th century, were often shown at rose exhibitions in the Victorian era. Pure white, pink, crimson, purple and two-tone, mostly fragrant, they form shrubs approx. 100 to 180 cm high.

The interest of the breeders was at times limited to the colors and beauty of the flowers, so that many Remontant roses do not smell and their suitability as garden plants faded into the background.

Rose varieties (selection)

'Baron Girod de l'Ain'
  • ' American Beauty ', Lédéchaux 1875, red
  • 'Anna de Diessbach', 1859, pink
  • 'Baron Girod de l'Ain', 1897, red with a white border
  • 'Baronne Prévost', Desprez 1842, pink
  • 'Clio', 1894, pink
  • 'Enfant de France', Lartay 1860, pink-silver
  • 'Ferdinant Pichard', fir 1921, (pale) pink with red stripes
  • 'Frau Karl Druschki', Lambert 1901, white
  • 'Jules Margottin', Margottin 1853, carmine pink, fragrant (seedling of 'La Reine')
  • 'La Reine' (syn .: 'Reine des Français'), Laffay 1842, lilac-pink, strong fragrance
  • 'Larry Daniels', Thomas Liggett 1995, pink
  • 'Mrs John Laing', Bennett 1887, pink
  • 'Prince Noir', 1854, dark red
  • 'Reine des Violettes', Millet-Malet 1860, purple-red
  • 'Ruhm von Steinfurth', 1920, pink
  • 'Sidonie', Jean-Pierre Vibert 1847, pink, double, strong fragrance
  • 'Tom Wood', Dickson 1896, red



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