Rex pacificus

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Decretals with Glossa ordinaria

With the papal bull Rex pacificus was on September 5, 1234 by Pope Gregory IX. the " Liber Extra " promulgated as an official collection of laws .

Liber Extra

The Liber Extra was written because the " Quinque Compilationes Antiquae " were not complete and not free from errors and mistakes, and numerous other collections existed. Gregory IX. therefore commissioned the Spanish Dominican Raymund von Peñafort in 1230 to write a new collection of decretals . He processed the five older compilations in connection with the Gregorian decretals into a collection of 5 books. This new collection of laws, a main part of the " Corpus Iuris Canonici ", was sent to the universities of Bologna and Paris together with the bull . The new unified church law book remained valid for almost 700 years - until 1918.

The handwriting

In the manuscript, the main text is - as usual - surrounded by the Glossa Ordinaria by Bernhardus Parmensis († 1266). In addition to around 300 initials in opaque color, the code contains six of the introductory promulgation bulls and miniatures that precede each of the five books. A dedication picture (dedication picture) shows how Pope Gregory IX. receives the collection of decretals from the hands of its author. The scene shows Christ , enthroned elevated , touching the heads of the two princes of the apostles who are flanking him and who approach in a bent posture.

Individual evidence

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