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Rodach is a geographical name and part of such:


  • Rodach (Main) , right tributary of the Main in Marktzeuln, Lichtenfels district, Bavaria
  • Rodach (Itz) , right tributary of the Itz to Bodelstadt, municipality of Itzgrund, district of Coburg, Bavaria with origin in Thuringia
  • Wilde Rodach , left tributary of the Rodach (Main) , also known as Zahme Rodach , in front of the book cutting mill, Marktrodach market, Kronach district, Bavaria


  • Bad Rodach , town in the Coburg district, Bavaria
  • Marktrodach , municipality in the district of Kronach, Bavaria

Rodach is the name of the following people:

  • Eberwin von Rodach (also: Eberwin von Rotha; † 1349), protonotary of Margrave Ludwig von Brandenburg from 1333 to 1349
  • Michael Rodach (* 1957), German fusion musician and composer

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