Roland C. Bittner

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Roland Charles Bittner (born June 24, 1956 in Dannenberg (Elbe) ) is a German radiologist at the Berlin Helios Clinic "Emil von Behring". In 1996, together with Reinhard Roßdeutscher, he published the "Guide to Radiology", which is considered to be one of the standard works in radiological literature and was recently published in a Chinese translation.


Bittner studied medicine at the Free University of Berlin until 1987 . After training with R. Felix at the Charité's Virchow Clinic , he became a specialist in radiology in 1993. 1995–1999 he was Secretary of the Imaging Section of the European Respiratory Society . Since 2004, Bittner has been chief physician at the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the Helios Clinic “Emil von Behring” (including the Heckeshorn Lung Clinic ). He is married and lives in Berlin with his wife and two children.


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