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The Rolandschacht is a journeymen's association of foreign and local Roland brothers.

Bricklayers from Bremen founded this shaft in Nuremberg in May 1891 and chose the Bremen Roland as the patron saint , who in the Middle Ages stood as a symbol for civil law and freedom. The Roland brothers can be recognized by their blue honor with the golden craft pin.

After an aspirant period, male, debt-free and unmarried carpenters , bricklayers , stonemasons , joiners , roofers , stone setters , concrete workers and wood sculptors are accepted into the Rolandschacht . They should not be older than 27 years and be members of a trade union . During their travel time of three years and one day they are not allowed to enter the spell of 60 kilometers around their home town. If the foreign Roland brother has behaved respectably during this time, he can contact the local community.

History of the Roland Brothers

Around 1880 some journeymen of the traveling masons' guild, mainly from Bremen, who called themselves "Roland brothers", thought about how they could give all building craftsmen access to the common craft room. After the official knocking of their guild, they met in the drawing rooms of certain restaurants and tied a blue honor there that they always had in their pockets. This was rolled up like a "rollmops" pierced with a craft needle, hence the nickname of the Roland brothers. This is evidenced by the oldest picture of the Roland brothers, which is entitled "Vivat, long live the Roland brothers in Flensburg 1883". wearing.

It was not until 1891 that the brotherhood was given an official name and statutes. The founding meeting took place on May 1, 1891 in Nuremberg in the Roten Ross , today's luxury hotel Irrer Elch , under the direction of the Roland brother Eduard Münster and, as the founding painting shows - in the presence of 25 Roland brothers.

The motto of the brotherhood is: "Faithfulness, friendship, brotherhood, unite us Roland brothers at all times".

In 1980 the Roland shaft was incorporated into the European umbrella organization Confederation Compagnonnages Européens (CCEG), in which other German shafts are also organized.

Today about 55 foreign-written Roland brothers travel all over the world.


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