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Romina Di Lella (born September 20, 1982 in Berlin ) is a German-Italian actress, film producer, screenwriter and singer. She has her residence in Berlin and Milan .


Romina Di Lella is the daughter of the couple Maurizio and Venera Di Lella. She received a multilingual and multicultural upbringing through her Italian father and her mother, who came from Romania.

As a schoolgirl, Di Lella did athletics and played tennis. In fencing, she won numerous medals at competitions, she completed training at the renowned fencing academy Tauberbischofsheim (Baden-Württemberg) - under its founder Emil Beck . As a junior, she had a promising professional career in foil fencing . However, she opted for acting, where she also benefits from her athletic skills, as she does all the stunts in her films herself.


In 2004 she began professional training in acting, singing and dance at the state-recognized International Musical and Drama School in Berlin. In 2007 she graduated as a musical actress. Thanks to her versatility, she was able to get involved in various theater projects. In 2004 she played on the side of Stephen Baldwin ( Einsam, Zweisam, Dreisam ) in the action film Target .

With the lead role of "Giulietta Di Messina" in the action thriller Love Hate & Security by director Damian Chapa , she made her breakthrough as an actress and executive producer in the international film business in 2013. She played alongside Ralf Moeller ("Gladiator") and Damian Chapa. She was also featured on the film's soundtrack as a singer and was responsible for the film music as a producer. A music video was released for the song Kiss Your Heart Awake , which can be found on the DVD of the film. In 2014 the world premiere was in her hometown of Berlin at the Arsenal Kino on Potsdamer Platz.

In the 2015 film Enemy Within , Di Lella plays her second leading role in a Hollywood-only production, where she embodies the young and beautiful Concetta Masconi. At her side, Eric Roberts played the nightclub owner "Jack" (nominated for the Oscars and Golden Globe, among others). The cast also includes William McNamara (known from Copycat , Chases ), Damian Chapa ( Blood in Blood out ), Paulo Bernedeti ( The Bold & The Beautiful ), and Sven Martinek (known from The Clown ) as a special guest. Damian Chapa directed the film. The film was shot in the United States and Mexico, and Di Lella was also executive producer. The film had its world premiere on September 22, 2016 at The Landmark Regent Theater in Westwood , Los Angeles . The soundtrack for the film was also produced, co-composed and sung by Di Lella.

In 2017 the song Vamos A Bailar, written and sung by her, was released .

Romina Di Lella was again active as a singer, song writer and music producer in 2018. She produced the song Mi Corazón Ay Ay Ya in Spain (Marbella). The accompanying music video was directed by Hollywood director Damian Chapa, it was one of the club hits of 2018 and was in the German DJ charts. (e.g. DDJC / Pop Charts on place, Black 30 on place 1, German DJ-Charts on place 3)

Romina Di Lella wrote the script herself for the first time in 2018 for the new action film Pistolera and shaped the film project as executive producer. Hollywood director Damian Chapa again directed. In this Hollywood production, Di Lella plays the leading role of "Pistolera" alongside Danny Trejo ( Machete , From Dusk Till Dawn , Desperado , Once Upon A Time in Mexico ), Robert Davi ( James Bond License To Kill , Die Hard ) and Damian Chapa ( Blood in Blood out , Steet Fighter , Under Siege ). In this production, Di Lella performed all of the stunts herself. Pistolera was shot in Los Angeles (USA). The soundtrack for the film was again co-composed, sung and produced by Di Lella.

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