Rudolph Sprickmann Kerkerinck

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Rudolph Sprickmann Kerkerinck

Rudolph Sprickmann Kerkerinck (born July 13, 1848 in Münster , † January 18, 1905 in Rheine ) was mayor of the Westphalian city of Rheine from 1873 to 1905 .


Rudolph Sprickmann Kerkerinck was born in Münster in 1848 as the son of a businessman and great-grandson of Anton Matthias Sprickmann , the Münster poet and lawyer. After finishing school at the Paulinum grammar school , he completed an apprenticeship as a businessman , did his military service as a one-year volunteer in Berlin in 1868 and had to fight as a soldier in the Franco-German War in 1870/1871 . Severely wounded in the Battle of Spichern , the Prussian state took him over into the communal service. After a preparatory period in St. Mauritz near Münster, he was appointed mayor of Rheine on December 1, 1873, at the age of 25. Until his sudden death in 1905, he brought the city of Rheine to great economic boom.


Kerkerinck was founded in Rheine under Rudolph Sprickmann

  • a central water and gas supply,
  • the volunteer fire brigade ,
  • a hospital,
  • a street light,
  • the beginnings of the sewerage system,
  • a slaughterhouse,
  • Schools and kindergartens and
  • the registry office.

During his service, the population more than doubled; new residential areas had to be developed; numerous cultural and social services emerged and were strongly supported by the mayor and city council.

Under Sprickmann Kerkerinck, Rheine became an important center of the Westphalian textile industry in the last quarter of the 19th century , which is primarily associated with the names of the entrepreneurial families Kümpers, Timmerman, Jackson and Schem.

Sprickmannstrasse in Rheine is named after him. Sprickmannstrasse and Sprickmannplatz in Münster-Kinderhaus , however, were named after his great-grandfather Anton Matthias Sprickmann , the lawyer and poet of the Sturm und Drang era.


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