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Rudy Wiedoeft, 1919

Rudolph "Rudy" Cornelius Wiedoeft (* 3. January 1893 in Detroit , Michigan ; † 18th February 1940 in Flushing , New York City ) was a US -American saxophonist .

Live and act

Wiedoeft, the son of German immigrants, first learned the violin as a child, then played the clarinet in the family orchestra and finally switched to the C melody saxophone after moving to New York City (occasionally he also played alto saxophone and soprano saxophone). In the 1910s he was famous for his virtuoso playing on the instrument, which was seldom played at the time, and took part in around 300 recordings; he played u. a. in the Frisco "Jass" band, in the big band of George Olsen and his brother Herb Wiedoeft , before he went to New York.

He recorded under his own name for Victor Records and was a popular musician in the 1920s who appeared frequently on the radio. He also worked for Rudy Vallée (who played the saxophone himself and got his nickname Rudy because he had studied Wiedoeft's playing on records intensively) and for a while in France. In the mid-1930s he left the music business to invest in mining businesses, which, however, had little success. He died in 1940 of cirrhosis of the liver .

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