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The Russian Islamic Fund ( Russian Фонд поддержки исламской культуры, науки и образования / Fond podderschki islamskoi kultury, nauki i obrasowanija ; scientific. Transliteration Fond podderžki islamskoj kul'tury, nauki i obrazovaniya ; "Fund for support of Islamic culture, science and Education “) is a state fund (non-profit - charity fund) to support Islamic culture, science and education in the Russian Federation . According to information from on March 24, 2011, he distributes one hundred million rubles annually to each of the four largest central Islamic organizations. It was established to support Muslim organizations, grants, Islamic events, conferences, seminars, festivals and the Muslim press . The representative of the Russian presidential office Alexei Grishin was a member of its board from 2006 to 2011 . According to the Charter, the official founders are: the Coordination Center for Muslims in the North Caucasus ; the Russian Muftirate ; the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims in Russia (ZDUM); the religious organization International Islamic Mission "Международная исламская миссия" (Russia) and the All-Russian social organization "Al-Haq" ("Justice") "Аль-Хак" ("Справедливость").


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  3. Санькова И. Новый уровень районной общественной палаты ( Memento of the original from April 22, 2017 in the Internet Archive ) Info: The archive link was inserted automatically and has not yet been checked. Please check the original and archive link according to the instructions and then remove this notice. (Куйбышевец / Kuibyshevets - April 13, 2012) - The Iranian radio quoted him as follows: "Russian laws are very democratic in connection with religious freedom. [...] The development and implementation of support programs for Islamic teaching at universities and state educational institutions are further steps Russia has taken on religious freedom. " ( The "Islamic World and Russia Conference" in Moscow ( IRIB June 28, 2008) - accessed April 21, 2017) @1@ 2Template: Webachiv / IABot /
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