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Pork head jelly

Sülze or Sulz (from Old High German sulza "salt water") is a cold dish u. a. made from meat or vegetables pickled in jelly . The German food book counts them among the braised sausages . Another name for this is the respective food in aspic .


Franconian brawn from cold roast

For the preparation z. B. Pork meat such as pork head as a so-called mask or cured veal with soup greens and calf's foot cooked in water, cut into pieces, clarified the broth and supplemented with white wine (depending on the recipe also vinegar ) and, if necessary, with gelatine . Then some broth is cooled in a mold until it has solidified, the meat and some of the vegetables are added, everything is topped up with the remaining broth and cooled again.

The white press head is a compact pork brawn in the shape of a sausage . The beef chop is a whole chop poured in jelly .


The Hamburg brawn riots in 1919 were triggered by the assumption that rotten carcasses had been processed into brawn and sold.

Use of language

In the Hessian Odenwald, the word "Sülze" is also used as a joking name for a white wine.


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