Aspic cutlet

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Industrially manufactured beef chops

A beef chop is a boned, boiled pork chop that is served cold in meat jelly .

To prepare one is first chop piece of pork with greens cooked in salted water and freed from the bones. The resulting broth is skimmed off, reduced, defatted, possibly acidified with vinegar and mixed with gelatine . Then flat forms (which are also available in chop shape especially for this dish) are filled with a little jelly stock, decorated with pickled cucumbers , eggs and carrot slices, slices of the chop piece are placed on top, filled with stock and everything is refrigerated until the stock has solidified .

This simple dish is served with tartar sauce and fried potatoes or brown bread as a side dish.

Aspic cutlets are also available as commercial goods.


  1. Food Technically mainly egg was used.

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