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S-520 is the name of a single-stage Japanese sounding rocket . The S-520 manufactured by Nissan has a peak height of 430 km, a takeoff mass of 2200 kg, a diameter of 0.52 m and a length of 9.10 m. From 1980 to 2015 there were 27 launches from the Uchinoura Space Center , three more from Andøya Rakettskytefelt in Norway and one from SvalRak on Spitsbergen.

Equipped with a second stage, the missile was designated as SS-520 . In this variant a summit height of 1108 km could be reached.

In a further variant, the SS-520 receives a third stage, so that the payload of 4 kg can reach earth orbit. The first start took place on January 14, 2017, but failed because the second stage did not ignite. With the successful launch on February 3, 2018, the SS-520 became the smallest launcher that ever put a payload into orbit.

Start list SS-520

Serial no. Date ( UTC ) Serial no. stages Launch site payload Type of payload Payload in kg (gross 1 ) Height 2 / orbit 3 Remarks
1 February 5, 1998
8:30 am
SS-520-1 2 Uchinoura 750 km success
2 December 4, 2000
9:16 am
SS-520-2 2 SvalRak 1108 km success
3 January 14, 2017
11:33 PM
SS-520-4 3 Uchinoura JapanJapan TRICOM-1 Technology testing satellite 3 kg Failure
4th February 3, 2018
5:03 am
SS-520-5 3 Uchinoura JapanJapan TRICOM-1R Technology testing satellite 3 kg Success
First orbital launch
1Gross weight, d. H. Mass of the payload including adapter, housing, etc.
2 Apogee in suborbital flights
3Railway on which the payload from the upper level is to be released. Not necessarily the target orbit of the payload.

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