SV Köln-Merkenich

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SV Köln-Merkenich
Wacker Merkenich.gif
Surname Sports club Cologne-
Merkenich 1921 eV
Club colors Black red
Founded 1921
resolution 1st July 2018
Association headquarters Cologne - Merkenich , NRW
Departments four
Chairman Michael Schäfer

The SV Köln-Merkenich (officially: Sportverein Köln-Merkenich 1921 eV) was a sports club from the Merkenich district of Cologne . The first women's soccer team took part in the DFB Cup once under the name Wacker Merkenich .


The club was founded in 1921 as Borussia 21 Merkenich . Ten years later the name was changed to Schwarz-Rot Merkenich . At the same time, the club also adopted its current club colors black and red. In 1971, Schwarz-Rot Merkenich merged with the company sports club Wacker Köln to form SV Wacker Köln-Merkenich . When the Wacker Chemie company closed its Cologne plant and no longer supported the association financially, it was renamed SV Köln-Merkenich on November 25, 2002 . In addition to football, the club also offered badminton , children's dancing and table tennis .

On April 15, 2018, the clubs SpVg Rheinkassel - Langel eV 1920/1951 and SV Köln Merkenich 1921 eV merged to become Spvg. Rheindörfer Köln-Nord 1920/1921 with the club colors red and white.

Women's soccer

The footballers from Merkenich qualified for the DFB Cup in 1997. Previously, the team had reached the final of the Middle Rhine Cup against SpVgg Oberaußem-Fortuna (the result is not known). In its day, playing in the national league Wacker's team scored in the first round of the Bundesliga club Sportfreunde Siegen . The winners clearly won the game 17-0. After several years without a women's team, the club did not announce a new team until 2014, which will compete in the district league.

Men's soccer

The men had their most successful period in the late 1970s. In 1978 the Wacker-Elf rose to the Landesliga Mittelrhein , before moving to the district league two years later. This was followed by a sporting downturn that led the club to the district league D, the lowest division, in 2005. In 2015, the men of SV Köln-Merkenich were promoted to the district league B, before relegation followed two years later.

Individual evidence

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