Sadiq Muhammad Khan I.

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Amir Sadiq Muhammad Khan I. Abbasi († April 11, 1746 in Shikarpur ) was the only son of the emir of Shikarpur Muhammad Mubarak Khan I.


After his father's abdication, he ruled Shahr Dand as emir from 1723. Later, the governor of Multan , Hayatu'llah Khan, left Chaudhari to him and in 1729 Sadiq Muhammad Khan I founded the city of Allahabad . In 1732 the rule of Shahr Farid was acquired and in 1733 the Derawar Fort was snatched from the ruler of Jaisalmer , Rawal Akhi Singh . In 1739 he submitted to the Persian conqueror Nadir Shah , for which he, with the participation of the Sindh, left the territories of Larkhana, Siwistan, Chaudhari, Chhatar and Derawar to him. A short time later, Sadiq Muhammad Khan I paid homage to the Persian in Dera Isamil Khan, where Nadir Shah gave him the hereditary title of Nawab on January 5, 1740 . Since then the emir has called himself "Nawab of Bahawalpur ". On April 11, 1746, the 1st Nawab of Bahawalpur was killed in a battle against Khuda Yar Khan Kalhora during the siege of Shikarpur. He left three sons, of whom the eldest Muhammad Bahawal Khan I was his successor.

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