Solomon II

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Solomon II. Or Solomon II. ( Ethiop . ሣሎሞን) was Negus Negest ( Emperor ) of Ethiopia from April 13, 1777 to July 20, 1779 . He was the son of Abeto Adigo and possibly the emperor Solomon whom the traveler Henry Salt lists among the emperors who were still alive when he visited in 1809/1810.

Solomon came to the throne thanks to Ras Gusho and Wand Bewoss after they deposed the previous emperor Tekle Haymanot II . According to Richard Pankhurst, he built the Qeddus Fasilides ("Saint Fasilides") church in Gonder .

Individual evidence

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predecessor Office successor
Tekle Haymanot II. Emperor of Ethiopia
1777 - 1779
Tekle Giyorgis I.