Sandsøya (Troms and Finnmark)

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Jetty on Sandsøya
Jetty on Sandsøya
Waters European Arctic Ocean
Geographical location 68 ° 57 ′ 0 ″  N , 16 ° 42 ′ 0 ″  E Coordinates: 68 ° 57 ′ 0 ″  N , 16 ° 42 ′ 0 ″  E
Sandsøya (Troms og Finnmark) (Troms og Finnmark)
Sandsøya (Troms and Finnmark)
length 4.8 km
width 3.3 km
surface 10.8 km²
Highest elevation Veten
212  m
Residents 107
9.9 inhabitants / km²

Sandsøya is an island in the Fylke (Province) Troms og Finnmark in Northern Norway .


Sandsøya is located on the western edge of the Vågsfjord immediately east of the island of Grytøya and is separated from it by the approximately 1.5 km wide Sandsøysund. The 10.8 km² island is about 4.8 km long from northeast to southwest and about 3.3 km wide from northwest to southeast. A relatively low mountain range extends from Altevik in the south-west to the north-east, with its highest point in the 212 m high Veten.


Administratively, Sandsøya belongs to Harstad municipality . Until January 1, 2013, the island was part of what was then Bjarkøy municipality , which was then incorporated into Harstad.

Settlements and Transport

The church in Sandsøy

The island has only about 100 inhabitants, spread over several small settlements: the old church and trading place Sandsøy (with Nordsand and Sørsand) and Altevik (with ferry pier, post office and village shop) on the south-west coast facing Grytøya and Slakstad in the northeast. The island church, built in 1888 with 200 seats, is located in North Sand. which also has a boat harbor protected by a mole . The villages are connected by the provincial road Fv 124 between Altevik and Slakstad and the Fv 125 from Altevik to Nordsand.

Until 2019 the island could only be reached by ship: a car ferry went from Altevika across Sandsøysund to Vikran in the northeast of Grytøya, and from Bjørnå in the south of Grytøya another ferry went to Stornes on Hinnøya and thus to Harstad. There was also a car ferry connection to Austnes on the island Bjarkøya further north . There are express boat connections for passengers to Harstad, Bjarkøya, Kjøtta and Senja .

In 2019 the 3250 m long submarine tunnel between Grytøya and Bjarkøya and the bridge-and-dam connection from Grytøya to Sandsøya (900 m dam , 300 m main bridge and three low side bridges 46, 66 and 66 m in length) were completed and for released to traffic.


  1. The previous church, built in 1765, was brought to Bjarkøya in 1888 ( ); only some parts of the interior were later brought back to Nordsand and are now there.
  2. fv. 867 / Fv. 125 Bjarkøyforbindelsene (Norwegian)

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