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The ship number directory for ships, boats and operating vehicles of the German Navy and the Defense Technology range includes all units so far for the German Navy and in 1995 the Navy Germans were put into service.

The directory is maintained and published by the Federal Office for Defense Technology and Procurement . The directory was also published regularly until around 2005. Since then it has been classified as classified information for official use only and is therefore no longer published. In the list of ship numbers, all units are sorted according to their class . Units of the same type are given the same class number. Deviating from this, the supply and auxiliary vessels are grouped according to the type of task area. A letter is added after the class number so that different equipment versions can be identified within a class. Changes in this sense are: increases in combat value, extensive conversions and retrofits, modernizations, changes to tasks and the like. The classes are divided as follows:

  • 100 surface combat ships
  • 200 underwater combat ships
  • 300 mine-fighting vehicles
  • 400 tenders, fleet service and submarine hunting boats, torpedo fishing boats and training ships
  • 500 landing vehicles
  • 600 small combat vehicles (ex NVA)
  • 700 supply and auxiliary ships, docks, tugs and special vehicles
  • 900 security vehicles, lifeboats, traffic boats and boats

Furthermore, information is given in the list of ship numbers about the status of a unit. The origin is documented for units that have been purchased, borrowed or taken over. The last subordination relationship, the Hull number and, in the case of active units, the radio call sign are also listed. Planned but unrealized projects are also listed. The list of ship numbers is a short chronicle of all units of the Federal Navy / German Navy used so far.

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