Battle of Tyrnau

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In the battle of Tyrnau on October 5, 1621, Habsburg imperial troops under Rudolf von Tiefenbach were defeated by Gábor Bethlen's army .


Gábor Bethlen had invaded Upper Hungary (today: Eastern Slovakia ) with 50,000 men in 1619 and initially conquered all of today's Slovakia , including Tyrnau. In 1619, however, he lost several cities in western Slovakia, including Tyrnau. His situation deteriorated noticeably after the victorious battle of the White Mountain against the Bohemian estates.


In order to improve his starting position in the planned peace negotiations with the Habsburgs, Bethlen decided in 1621 to recapture western Slovakia, which he also partially succeeded in doing. On October 5, 1621 he stood in front of Tyrnau, the center of the Roman Catholic Church in Slovakia . After the death, Field Marshal Buquoy's new commander of the imperial troops, Rudolf von Tiefenbach, tried to free the city from the siege ring. However, he was only able to muster 2,000 men at times and was thus up to twenty times the superiority. In the village of Bohdanovce nad Trnavou , near Tyrnau, the imperial troops were destroyed, only a small remnant was taken prisoner. Tiefenbach narrowly escaped.

Six days later, Bethlen began his peace negotiations with the Habsburgs as planned.