Schlichting (noble family)

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Coat of arms of those of Schlichting

Schlichting is the name of an old Silesian noble family . Branches of the family still exist today.


The family first appears in a document at Pentecost 1447 with Toman and Christoph Slichting on Guhren and Züllichau . Bartusch and Merten Slichting appear in a document on November 6, 1461 in the country of Schwiebus . The safe line of tribe begins with Caspar von Schlichting on Rietschütz, Oggerschütz, Jehser and Oppelwitz (near Schwiebus), who is documented from 1510 to 1534.


The Polish captain Samuel von Schlichting and Buckowick from the Bauchwitz line was raised to the old Bohemian lordship with “well-born” on December 24, 1694.

The Fideikommissherrn on Schlichtingsheim with Gurschen , Province of Posen and Wilkau in Silesia Rudolf von Schlichting-Bukowiec, member of the Prussian manor house for life, the Prussian baron status was confirmed on March 17, 1886.

coat of arms

Coat of arms Schlichting with antlers as Helmzier

The family coat of arms shows two upright black stag poles with outwardly turned ends in silver, above a black stag pole lying crosswise with upwardly turned ends. On the helmet with black and silver covers three (black, silver and black) ostrich feathers.

Known family members


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