Eduard von Schlichting

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Eduard Karl Lorenz von Schlichting (born February 25, 1794 in Berlin ; † December 9, 1874 there ) was a Prussian general of the infantry and director of the War Academy .



He was the son of the Prussian captain Christoph Friedrich von Schlichting (1745–1799) and his wife Charlotte Sophie Christine, née von Kowalski (* 1764). She was the daughter of the later Prussian Lieutenant General Georg Lorenz von Kowalski (1717–1796).

Military career

Before the beginning of the Fourth Coalition War, Schlichting was employed as a private corporal in the "von Larisch" infantry regiment of the Prussian Army . He did not take part in the fighting, but became inactive after the defeat of Prussia and the peace of Tilsit in 1807. It was not until the beginning of the wars of liberation that Schlichting was appointed second lieutenant in the III. Reserve battalion of the 1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment reactivated. On June 21, 1813 he was transferred to the 2nd West Prussian Infantry Regiment and took part in the sieges of Glogau and Erfurt as well as the battles near Dresden and Kulm during the 1813/15 campaign. For his services during the Battle of Leipzig , Schlichting was awarded the Iron Cross II. Class and the Russian Order of Saint Anne III. Class awarded. He then fought at Laon , Paris, and was wounded by a shot in the left thigh at the Battle of Ligny .

As a prime lieutenant , Schlichting was commanded from October 1, 1817 for further training at the General War School. After its completion, he was in command of the Cadet Corps from April 18, 1820 to February 23, 1822 and then acted as leader of the two young princes of Solms-Braunfels , nephews of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. Left in this position, Schlichting was aggregated on foot to the 2nd Guards Regiment on October 8, 1823 , promoted to captain on January 18, 1825 and finally appointed governor of the princes in 1827. After being released from his command, Schlichting was transferred to the 14th Infantry Regiment in Stargard on October 30, 1833 as chief of the 2nd company . This was followed from March 13, 1837 to November 2, 1842 as a major and commander of the 1st Battalion in the 7th Landwehr Regiment in Schweidnitz . This battalion then became the III. Battalion formed in the 10th Landwehr Regiment, as its commander Schlichting continued to work. On February 5, 1843 he came again to the 7th Infantry Regiment. As a lieutenant colonel was Schlichting from May 18, 1848 commander of the Guard Reserve Infantry Regiment, has been in this position on 19 November 1849 Colonel and was from June 1 to Oct. 2, 1850 commander of the Prussian troops in and around Frankfurt am Main . Schlichting then received command of the Kaiser Franz Guard Grenadier Regiment , before he took over the 2nd Guard Infantry Brigade on May 4, 1852 . In this position he was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Ö.-K. on December 21, 1852 . Leopold Order and promoted to major general on March 22, 1853 . As such, Schlichting was in command of Berlin from April 25, 1854 to July 22, 1857, was then appointed commander of the 11th Division and promoted to lieutenant general on October 15, 1857 . During the absence of the general of Lindheim infantry , Schlichting was represented from May 9th to June 30th, 1860 with the leadership of VI. Army Corps instructed.

On July 1, 1860, Schlichting was finally appointed director of the War Academy in Berlin. In recognition of his services he was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle First Class with Oak Leaves and Swords on the Ring, as well as the Grand Crosses of the Albrecht Order , the Guelph Order and the Order of Dannebrog . On the occasion of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the wars of liberation, Schlichting was a member of the organizing committee and in the same year was also ordered to inspect the contingents of the federal troops from Holstein , Lauenburg , Mecklenburg, Oldenburg , Hamburg , Lübeck and Bremen .

Under awarding of the character as General of Infantry Schlichting was for the June 20, 1864 Disposition asked. He was a legal knight of the Order of St. John . After his death, Schlichting was buried in the Invalidenfriedhof on December 12, 1874 .


He married Emilie Friederike Sophie Elisabeth von Warburg (1803-1887) on March 13, 1827 in Berlin . The following children were born from the marriage:

  • Alexandrine (born December 16, 1827 - † August 16, 1898 in Berlin), canoness
  • Wilhelm Lorenz Sigismund (1829–1909), Prussian infantry general and military historian ∞ Countess Maria Johann Nepomucena Leopoldine Josephine Hedwig von Zieten (February 5, 1838 - July 2, 1923) granddaughter of Field Marshal Hans Ernst Karl von Zieten
  • Ulrich Ernst Karl (* July 24, 1832; † 1867 in Berlin), Prussian captain in the Guard Fusilier Regiment