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The term sex toys (recently the English term “sextoy” has also become established) are items that can be used to sexually stimulate yourself or your sexual partner during love play. Until the 1990s the term was almost unknown, the objects were called aids because they were seen as a means of reducing “natural” sexual desire.


Sex toys include vibrators , dildos , pleasure balls , butt plugs , strap-ons , penis cages , penis rings , chastity belts , devices for erotic electrical stimulation , sex dolls , vagina replicas and much more. Such objects are offered in sex shops , at erotic fairs , in erotic catalogs and on relevant websites.

In a broader sense, special clothing , role play utensils (for example shackles , whips , diapers ), clamps and similar accessories can also be included. Normal household objects can also be used as sex toys, for example candles, fruit, vegetables, spoons, watering cans, feathers, ice cubes, inflatable objects ( armbands , balloons , beach balls, etc.) or finger paints for body painting during love play.

Sex toys are to be distinguished from fetishes . Sex toys are used as an aid during sexual activities . Among other things, they serve to increase the feeling of pleasure and to intensify the orgasm . In non- autoerotic activities , the partner plays the main role, while the fetish itself is the object of sexual pleasure, instead of or in addition to the partner.

Since the 2010s, computer-controlled sex toys (so-called cyberdildonics or teledonics ) have also been gaining popularity, making it possible to remotely control or program toys with a mobile app or via the Internet and to receive signals from it.

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