Shoemaker (moon crater)

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LTVT Diviner Malapert.jpg
Shoemaker (below) and surroundings (temperature image from LRO / Diviner )
Shoemaker (Moon South Pole Region)
position 88.03 °  S , 39.85 °  O coordinates: 88 ° 1 '48 "  S , 39 ° 51' 0"  O
diameter 48 km
Card sheet 144 (PDF)
Named after Eugene Shoemaker (1928-1997)
Named since 2000
Unless otherwise stated, the information comes from the entry in the IAU / USGS database


Shoemaker is a lunar crater in the southern hemisphere near the South Pole , between Haworth crates in the northwest and Nobile crates in the northeast. Due to its proximity to the South Pole, the interior of the eroded, circular crater is in shadow most of the time.

The crater was officially named by the IAU in 2000 after the American astronomer and geologist Eugene Shoemaker .

In July 1999, the lunar probe Lunar Prospector struck this crater and carried on board the ashes of the astronomer who had died in 1997.

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