Sialomorpha dominicana

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Sialomorpha dominicana
Life reconstruction drawing

Life reconstruction drawing

Temporal occurrence
without rank: Multicellular animals (Metazoa)
incertae sedis
Family : Sialomorphidae
Genre : Sialomorpha
Type : Sialomorpha dominicana
Scientific name of the  family
Poinar & Nelson , 2019
Scientific name of the  genus
Poinar & Nelson, 2019
Scientific name of the  species
Sialomorpha dominicana
Poinar & Nelson, 2019

Sialomorpha dominicana , in the press and mold pig or mold pig called (after English mold pig ), is a 0.1 millimeter long invertebrate animal with four pairs of legs and moving head, which in the form of approximately 30 million year old amber inclusions was found. This creature, which superficiallyresembles mites and tardigrade , was placed in the newly created family of Sialomorphidae. The mold pig has so far none of the previously known taxa of invertebrates are assigned and therefore is considered incertae sedis . It couldbelong toa previously unknown tribe .

The first publication about Sialomorpha dominicana mentions several hundred specimens found that lived in a warm, humid habitat together with pseudoscorpions , nematodes , fungi and protozoa . Based on the large number of corresponding amber inclusions , it could be determined that Sialomorpha dominicana shed their skin regularly for growth. Since molds were found in related amber samples, it is believed that the newly discovered organisms may a. fed from these, which led to the naming.

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