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Signal + wire
Logo of the publication "Signal + Draht"
description Rail Signaling and Telecommunication
Area of ​​Expertise Telecommunications and security systems for railways
language German English
publishing company DVV Media Group
First edition 1906
Frequency of publication 10 times a year
Sold edition 2270 copies
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ZDB 243639-5

Signal + Draht (spoken signal and wire , formerly Das Stellwerk and magazine for the entire railway safety and telecommunications system ) is a German specialist magazine for safety and telecommunications in the railways .


The journal was first published in January 1906 under the title Das Stellwerk by Arthur Tetzlaff in Berlin. The magazine reached a circulation of 5000 copies and was distributed in 22 countries in addition to Germany. At the end of 1944, the magazine in Total War ceased to appear due to a lack of paper. It was rebuilt on January 1, 1948 by Rudolf Tetzlaff in Frankfurt am Main .

Your title changed over time. If the magazine appeared between its founding in 1906 and 1908 under the title Das Stellwerk: Magazine for the entire railway safety and security system , the name was shortened from 1909 to the magazine for the entire railway safety and telecommunications system . From 1943 it finally carried its current title.

At the beginning of 1991 the magazine Signal und Schiene , which was published from 1956 to 1990 with a similar topic in the German Democratic Republic , was incorporated into Signal + Draht and the magazine Der Eisenbahningenieur published by the same publisher . From around the turn of the millennium, in addition to the German-language core section, there will also be an English-language supplementary section, which mostly consists of translations of German-language articles. Even in its early years, the readership extended far beyond the German-speaking area. The magazine is accompanied by an advisory board of around 20 people.

The title was published by Tetzlaff-Verlag , which was transferred to Deutsche Verkehrsverlag on January 1, 1990 . The magazine is now part of the Eurailpress brand of the DVV Media Group .

Around 2006 the circulation was around 3,500 copies. It is now around 2500.

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