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Sin or Šin stands for:

Sin is the family name of the following people:

sin stands for:

SiN stands for:

  • SiN , a first-person shooter developed by Ritual Entertainment and released by Activision in November 1998
  • Silicon nitride , a chemical compound that is used as a component of an engineering material

SIN stands for:

  • Swiss Institute for Nuclear Physics , see Paul Scherrer Institute #History
  • Singapore Airport (Singapore Changi Airport), international airport of the Asian city-state Singapore, is one of the largest airports in Asia according to the IATA code
  • Singapore , Olympic country code
  • Social Insurance Number , see social insurance number , a code consisting of letters and / or numbers to identify people in the social insurance system
  • SIN (band) , American rock band led by bassist Rik Fox

As a license plate number,
SIN stands for:

  • Egyptian license plate for Sinai
  • Mexican license plate for the state of Sinaloa

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