Parakeet Society

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The parakeet (here a ring-necked parakeet ) was the symbol of the parakeet society.

The Kelheim Parakeet Society was an association of opponents of Duke Ludwig the Bearded of Bavaria-Ingolstadt . It was founded on April 17, 1414 in Kelheim by Ludwig's cousin Heinrich the Rich of Bavaria-Landshut . Other members were the dukes Ernst and Wilhelm III. of Bavaria-Munich and Count Palatine Johann von Pfalz-Neumarkt .

On February 16, 1415, Burgrave Friedrich von Nürnberg and Elector Ludwig von der Pfalz also joined the Society. The members of the alliance met on July 8, 1415 at the Council of Constance , where the parakeet society was transformed into a defensive alliance, the Konstanz League , closed for the life of Ludwig the Bearded .

What is unique about the parakeet society is that it consisted only of princes . The founding members of the society committed themselves to mutual aid against anyone who harmed them or did not want to accept their judgment. Their symbol, the parakeet, was supposed to parody Ludwig's heraldic bird, the St. Oswald's raven .


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