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Skyplex is a service for satellite radio based on a broadband network . It enables data of any kind to be received from various earth stations or earth stations and to be combined into a single DVB signal.

The service, developed by Eutelsat and launched in Italy in 2003, works with powerful K ” £‹ a band frequencies. Connected terminals can send data from any location to the satellite , which processes them and forwards them directly to the other terminals in the network.

In the previous system, the satellite still had to send the data to a central uplink station and could only forward the processed material to the participants after it had been multiplexed . The new SKYPLEX DATA halves the transmission distance and the transfer time of the data, which lowers the costs to the level of Ku-band VSAT systems . Data can now be sent from several, independent and much smaller ground stations; the multiplexing of the data is carried out by Skyplex.

The development of Skyplex was carried out by Eutelsat and the ESA . The first satellites with Skyplex were Hot Bird 4 and Hot Bird 5 .

The current satellite is Hot Bird 6 at the geostationary position 13 ° East and has four transponders . The pan-European service supports TV , data and audio transmissions and, in addition to LAN-LAN connections, is also suitable for the transmission of MPEG4 and DVB / MPEG2-TV. The networks are set up and operated with small two-way terminals (30 × 5 cm, 2 watts) which can receive data streams of up to 38 Mbit / s in the downlink with 6 or 18 carriers . The terminals and satellite dish (90 cm) cost less than 4,000 euros.