Baku Slavic University

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Baku Slavic University
founding 1945
place Baku
country AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Azerbaijan
Rector Nurlana Aliyeva
Students approx. 3,000

The Slavic University of Baku ( Azerbaijani Bakı Slavyan Universiteti ; Russian Бакинский славянский университет ) is a university in the Azerbaijani capital Baku. She specializes in teaching the Slavic languages , especially the Russian language .

Vladimir Putin receiving his honorary doctorate from the Slavic University of Baku


The university was founded on the initiative of Azerbaijani President Heydər Əliyev in 2000 from the former “Pedagogical Institute for Russian Language and Literature”, which was founded in 1945. During the time of the Soviet Union , mainly Russian teachers were trained there. Since the name was changed to the Slavic University of Baku, other Slavic languages ​​such as Polish or Czech can also be studied there, and additional faculties, such as the journalism faculty, have been set up.


  • Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies
  • Faculty of Translation
  • Pedagogical Faculty
  • Philological Faculty
  • Journalism Faculty
  • Faculty of Professional Development
  • Faculty of Creativity

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