Baku State University

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Baku State University
founding 1919
place Baku
country AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Azerbaijan
Students approx. 13,000
Employee approx. 1,300
including professors 250

The Baku State University ( Azerbaijani : Bakı Universiteti Dövlət ; Russian Бакинский государственный университет ) is a university in the Azerbaijani capital Baku .


Baku State University was founded in 1919 during Azerbaijan's first independence . The founding rector was Vasily Rasumovsky , previously a professor at Kazan University . After the occupation of Azerbaijan by the Bolshevik troops on April 28, 1920, several hundreds of Azerbaijani professors were deported to Siberia. The university disciplines were exposed to a broad russification policy. In 1945 the university took a leading role in establishing the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Baku University of Medicine, Baku University of Economics and Baku University of Education are spin-offs from the State University.

In 1969, research and teaching were realigned. Several faculties and more than 30 scientific institutes have since been set up.


Over 13,000 students study in 43 different fields in 17 faculties, 116 chairs and numerous research laboratories. The library has an inventory of over 2 million volumes. Around 250 professors and over 1,000 lecturers and research assistants teach in the bachelor's and master's degree programs.

The university is a member of the network of Balkan universities and the International Interacademic Union (IIAU). There are university partnerships with 25 foreign universities in the USA, Japan, China, Sudan, Jordan, the Russian Federation, Great Britain, France, Turkey and Iran.

areas of expertise

  • Azerbaijani language and literature
  • Library science
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • geography
  • geology
  • history
  • International Law and International Relations
  • journalism
  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics
  • mechanics
  • Oriental studies
  • physics
  • psychology
  • Jurisprudence
  • Russian language and literature
  • Social sciences
  • theology
  • Economic cybernetics

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