Fieseler Fi 98

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Fieseler Fi 98
Fieseler Fi 98.jpg
Fieseler Fi 98 at the Kassel-Waldau airfield
Type: Dive fighter
Design country:

German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) German Empire


Fieseler Flugzeugbau Kassel

First flight:

July 16, 1935

Production time:


Number of pieces:


The Fieseler Fi 98 was a dive fighter aircraft made by Fieseler Flugzeugbau Kassel.


The machine emerged from the design competition in the summer of 1934, in which, at the suggestion of Ernst Udet, the Technical Office requested a light, single-seat dive fighter aircraft. The Blohm & Voss Ha 137 and the Henschel Hs 123 were also involved in the competition, of which the Henschel design won in the end. The tender for a heavy two-seater dive combat aircraft, for which Arado developed the Ar 81 , Heinkel the He 118 and Junkers the Ju 87 , has nothing to do with this. However, both processes are often mixed up in the literature. For Fieseler, the aircraft was the Luftwaffe's first development order . The aircraft was to be a stable double-decker in all-metal construction designed with standard suspension. The drive was a BMW-Bramo 322 H-2 radial engine with 650 hp. The flight performance, however, was far behind the requirements, so that apart from the V-type no production took place.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
crew 1
span above 10.50 m
below 9.00 m
length 7.40 m
height 3.00 m
Wing area 25.50 m²
Wing loading 84.7 kg / m²
Empty mass 1450 kg
Payload 710 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 2160 kg
drive a BMW Bramo 222 H-2 with 650 PS (478 kW)
Top speed 295 km / h
Cruising speed 270 km / h
Landing speed 95 km / h
Rate of climb 10 m / s near the ground
Rise time 2.5 min at an altitude of 1000 m
Service ceiling 9000 m
Range 470 km

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  • Technical data from documents from Fieseler Flugzeugbau Kassel

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