Slovak warmblood

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Slovak warmblood
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Important data
Origin: Slovakia
Main breeding area: Slovakia
Distribution: low
Stick measure : up to 180 cm
Colors : mostly brown and dapple molds, rarely foxes and black horses
Main application area: Sport horse

The Slovak Warmblood is a sport horse breed.

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The Slovak warmblood usually has a rams head, more rarely a pike head. It has slender legs, a sloping croup, a high tail, high withers and neck, and soft, expansive gaits.


The Slovaks are very affectionate and characterful animals. When you gain confidence in animals, a friend is safe for life. They have a lot of blood and are easily nervous and jumpy. They are suitable for versatility , jumping , dressage and sometimes also for western riding .

Breeding history

The breed is heavily influenced by Trakehners and other German breeds. Most Slovaks have a whole blood content of over 60%.

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