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Sonos, Inc.

legal form Corporation
ISIN US83570H1086
founding 2002
Seat Santa Barbara , United States
  • Patrick Spence ( CEO )
  • Phil Abram, (President and COO )
  • Craig Shelburne, Co-Founder and CFO
  • Thomas Cullen, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Ingvar Meijers, Managing Director of Sales and Operations for EMEA
Number of employees 1200
sales US $ 535 million
Branch Consumer electronics
As of December 20, 2017

Sonos is a US manufacturer of audio - consumer electronics , based in Santa Barbara , California.

Sonos develops and produces active loudspeaker systems and hi-fi components that are wirelessly networked with each other via WLAN . The system can use local audio files or music streaming services and play them back in several rooms at the same time. The audio system is controlled with an app on the smartphone , tablet or desktop computer , and partly by voice control .


Sonos was founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai. The name Sonos comes from the Latin word sonus (German 'sound'). Based on the fact that the word Sonos is a palindrome , the Sonos logo is designed in such a way that it can also be read rotated 180 degrees ( ambigram ).

In January 2017, founder and CEO John MacFarlane left the company and handed over the position to previous COO Patrick Spence.

In October 2017, Sonos announced its collaboration with Amazon so that its Alexa voice assistant can also control Sonos speakers. Additionally, Sonos wants to work with every other voice assistant on the market.

In December 2017, the company announced together with the furniture retailer IKEA that it would develop and market multi-room loudspeaker components together. The two resulting loudspeakers came on the market in 2019 and are both based on the Sonos Play: 1, with a lamp integrated in one of the loudspeakers.


The speakers build a proprietary, proprietary AES -verschlüsseltes IEEE 802.11 b / g / n on the network that a peer-to-peer - mesh network form.


By integrating proprietary software , the user is dependent on Sonos' corporate policy and its software.

Sonos is criticized for collecting unnecessarily large amounts of user data. In 2017, the company expanded the scope again with a revision of its data protection declaration. If a customer refuses to send the data, software updates will no longer be made available, which, according to the Sonos spokesman, means that the devices will no longer work as usual.

In July 2018, Sonos introduced compulsory registration for all of its devices. Since then, it has not been possible to continue using the speakers without a customer account, which annoyed many customers.

The Sonos system forces the use of SMB1 / NTLMv1 for local music libraries, whose security problems became known internationally through WannaCry .

Uniform software runs on all Sonos products and is updated regularly to expand the range of functions. Since newer functions have higher hardware requirements than older products, their software cannot be updated indefinitely. For this reason, Sonos introduced a so-called trade-up program at the end of 2019, which gives customers the option of receiving a 30% discount on a new product if they put an old one into "recycling mode". This locks the device permanently and makes resale or further use impossible, whereby technically fully functional devices are devalued and disposed of, a form of planned obsolescence . The resulting massive criticism of Sonos prompted CEO Patrick Spence in January 2020 to enable another option: Affected products would be provided with updates until May 2020 and could then be used as usual. However, it is not possible to combine older devices with newer devices and the latest software in one system as before. In March 2020, Sonos completely stopped the forced blocking of the products in the trade-up program after persistent criticism.


Sonos offers single speakers:

product Start (USA) Linguistic




stereo AirPlay 2006 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
ZP100 ZonePlayer 06.2004
ZP80 01.2006 x


08/2008 x x x
CR200 08.2009 x x x
Play: 5

(ZonePlayer S5)

11.2009 x x x x x x x x
Play: 3 06.2011 x x x x x x x x x
Sub 05.2012 x x x x x x x x x
Playbar 02.2013 x x x x x x x x x
Play: 1 08.2013 x x x x x x
Play: 5 2nd Gen 09.2015 x x x x x x x x
Playbase 05.2017 x x x x
port 08.2019 x x x x x
Beam (Voice Control) 06.2018 x x x x x
AMP 12.2018 x x x x x x
Sonos One (SL) 03.2019 (x) x x x
Move 09.2019 x x x x
SYMFONISK (IKEA) 03.2019 x x x
Arc 05.2020 x x x x
Sub 3rd gen 05.2020 x
Five 05.2020 x x x

Speakers (Play: 1, Play: 3, Play: 5. Sonos One (SL), SYMFONISK) can be connected to form stereo pairs.

In addition, the product range includes the Soundbar Playbar that Soundbase Play Base and Sonos Beam and the subwoofer SUB for the realization of 2.1-, 3.1- and 5.1 - Surround Sound .

The CONNECT: AMP network amplifier, which was updated by the Amp in 2018, is also available for the integration of passive loudspeakers. The Connect transmission converter is available for using analog hi-fi music devices.

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is a portable loudspeaker that runs on a battery. The 3 kg loudspeaker was presented at IFA 2019 and, in addition to a connection via Bluetooth or AirPlay 2, also works via a WLAN connection, which means that it can be connected to other Sonos speakers across the room.

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