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Mirror image
Studio album by Cassandra Steen


3rd October 2014

Label (s) Polydor , Iceland

Format (s)

CD, download

Genre (s)

Pop , soul pop

Title (number)

  • 12 (standard)
  • 14 (special version)

running time

  • 43:52 min. (Standard)
  • 52:39 min. (Special version)


Christian "Crada" Kalla

So close to me
Mirror image -
Single releases
19th September 2014 Win
September 26, 2014 Better days

Spiegelbild is the fourth studio album by the German soul and pop singer Cassandra Steen . It was released on October 3, 2014.


For the album, she worked with producer Cristian Kalla ("Crada"), who has previously worked with soul singer Alicia Keys . He wrote the lyrics together with the German singer Tim Bendzko . Steen already worked with Bendzko in 2013 on the song Unter die Haut , which was released on the album Am seidenen Faden . She also worked again with Moses Pelham for the song Back .


The first single from the album was the song Winning on September 19, 2014 . A week later, on September 26, 2014, the second and final single Bessere Tage was released. The song is a duet with Bendzko. The album was released on October 3, 2014 under the labels Polydor and Island .

Track list

Mirror image 
No. title Songwriter length
1. Everything stays the same Christian Kalla, Tim Bendzko 4:05
2. Better Days (featuring Tim Bendzko ) Kalla, Bendzko 3:49
3. Blind Kalla, Bendzko 2:38
4th Win Kalla, Bendzko 3:35
5. Too cold Kalla, Bendzko 4:01
6th Because I am looking Cassandra Steen , Kalla, Bendzko 3:38
7th New beginning Kalla, Bendzko 3:40
8th. You know that Steen, Kalla, Bendzko 4:16
9. Mirror image Steen, Kalla, Bendzko 3:47
10. luck Kalla, Bendzko, Michael Vajna 3:34
11. No Steen, Kalla, Bendzko, Daniel Russ 3:18
12. To forget Kalla, Bendzko 3:58
Overall length: 43:52
Mirror image (special version) 
No. title length
13. Still 3:37
14th Back (featuring Moses Pelham ) 5:10
Overall length: 52:39

Chart placements

Charts Top ranking Weeks
Chart placements
Germany (GfK) Germany (GfK) 42 (1 week) 1

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