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Spin bowling is a term of Cricket Sports and refers to a specific type, the ball to bowl .

The goal of spin bowling is to bowl the ball with as much rotation as possible . This results in a significant change in direction after the ball has ricocheted off the ground. Spin bowlers also use the Magnus effect , which causes the ball to drift (sideways movement). The interaction of rotation and drift leads to an extremely difficult to predict flight path of the ball. This makes it very difficult for the batsman to hit the ball correctly. The speed at which the ball is thrown is irrelevant. At 70 to 90 km / h it is much lower than with fast bowling .

There are four different types of spin bowling, depending on whether the rotation is generated with the wrist ( wrist spin ) or with the fingers ( finger spin ):

Spin bowlers mostly use the worn out cricket ball . This is rough, which increases the rotation. They are mostly used in a later phase of a game, when the pitch is regularly much more uneven, which further increases the change in direction of the ball after it hits the ground.

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