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Extra 300 , a popular aircraft for competitive aerobatics

Sport aircraft is a colloquial but not exactly defined and mostly incorrect term for small or light aircraft .

The use of the term sports aircraft is factually correct if the aircraft is actually primarily used for air sports , for example with gliders or in competitive aerobatics . All other aircraft up to 5.7 t MTOW are correctly referred to as light aircraft . Often the term is also applied to microlight aircraft , which, according to German aviation law, are not aircraft , but motorized aerial sports equipment .

The Cessna 172 - here in LFH's scheduled flight operations - can be used as a means of transport as well as sports equipment

Many pilots of light aircraft perceive the term "sport aircraft" as derogatory, since the use of small aircraft is by no means limited to purely sporting leisure time enjoyment: Airplanes such as the Cessna 172 , which are often seen by outsiders as "sport aircraft", are regularly used for a wide variety of general purposes Aviation to commercial scheduled air traffic also used commercially.

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