State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

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State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO
"Corporate Design Federation" - logo of the federal authorities of the Swiss Confederation
Headquarters Bern
Chief State Secretary
Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch
At sight Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research EAER

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO ( French Secrétariat d'Etat à l'économie SECO , Italian Segreteria di Stato dell'economia SECO , Romansh Secretariat da stadi per l'economia SECO ), created in 1999 through the amalgamation of the Federal Office for Industry, Commerce and Labor BIGA and the Federal Office for Foreign Trade BAWI , is a federal authority of the Swiss Confederation . It is an office of the Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research EAER .

The abbreviation SECO is derived from the French name of the Office Secrétariat d'État à l'économie .


The goals and responsibilities of SECO are set out in Article 5 of the Organization Ordinance for the Federal Department of Economic Affairs. In particular, it is the federal competence center for all key economic policy issues, including labor market policy and foreign economic policy.

The State Secretariat is to ensure sustainable economic growth and to create the regulatory and economic framework conditions (together with other departments, parliament, the economy, politics).

The State Secretariat should ensure growth-oriented politics, employer and employee concerns, and remove barriers to trade. This includes lowering the high prices in Switzerland. Another goal is to support a regionally and structurally balanced development of the economy. Further fields of activity are labor market policy, employee protection, the prevention and combating of unemployment and the maintenance of social peace .

In terms of foreign policy, it is intended to give Swiss goods, services and investments access to all markets. Furthermore, participation in efficient, fair and transparent rules for the global economy as well as cooperation in the coordination of relations between Switzerland and the European Union is specified. Another object is the economic development cooperation , cooperation with Eastern Europe , together with the SDC .

SECO directorates

  • Organization, Law and Accreditation (OA)
  • Economic Policy Directorate (DP)
  • Labor Directorate (DA)
    • Working conditions (AB)
    • TC labor market / ALV
  • Location Promotion Directorate (DS)
  • Directorate for Foreign Trade (DW)
    • Foreign Trade Services (AF)
    • World trade (WH)
    • Economic Cooperation and Development (WE)
    • Bilateral economic relations (BW)
  • Permanent mission of Switzerland to the WTO and EFTA (ME)

The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS), which has been part of SECO since 2006, is responsible for all accreditations in the legally regulated and non-regulated area.


In addition to two locations in Bern , SECO has a branch in Geneva .

SECO is present on the web with e-government offers, for example with the online counter for companies .

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