Stadium (magazine)

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description International magazine for the history of sport
Area of ​​Expertise Sports history
language German English French
publishing company Academia Verlag since 2019 Nomos Verlag
First edition 1975
Frequency of publication 2 times a year
editor 1975-2007 M. Lämmer,

from 2008 M.Lämmer / Thierry Terret / M. Smith

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Stadion is the only multilingual magazine in the history of sports in Germany. Well-known sports historians, but also representatives of anthropology, archeology, pedagogy, sociology and philosophy have made contributions. Stadion is not only aimed at specialist scientists, but also at all those who, beyond the historical perspective, strive for a deeper and differentiated understanding of sport, games, physical education and physical culture, especially publicists or journalists . It is edited by Manfred Lämmer . The group of editors also included Hans Langenfeld and, until his death, Henning Eichberg . The Sport History Review and European Studies in Sports History (ESSH) are also multilingual .

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