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The wreck of the Peter Iredale

The first steel ships , like the iron ships , came from Great Britain . British shipyards built the first ships from Siemens-Martin steel as tall ships and steamships ( Servia ) after 1881 . The first steel sailing ship was the Bark Carleton , then the four-masted barque Pinmore , which was initially built in 1882 as a four-masted full ship and later converted into a four-masted barque. There were even a few specimens in steel-iron composite construction. The four-masted barque Peter Iredale was made of steel plankson iron frames .

In Germany, ran the first steel ship Oldenburg , a warship , 1884 by the stack . The first German steel sailor was the Bark Prompt by Blohm & Voss for F. Laeisz , Hamburg . In the USA , the country of wooden shipbuilding, iron and steel shipbuilding only slowly made its entrance later. Today steel is the main material in shipbuilding.

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